Pioneer TS-W304R

Scope: automotive; Execution: without corps (FreeAir); Type: passcandvtion; Size: 12" (30 cm); Rated power: 300 ;W; Maximum power: 1300 ;W / Peak / ; Frequency range: 20—220 ;Hz; Sensitivity: 95 ;dB; Impedance: 4 ;Om; The resonant frequency: 28.6 ;Hz; The material of the diffuser: composite; Housing material: MDF; The diameter of the WOOFER: 300 ;mm; The depth of the WOOFER: 135 ;mm; ...


Table of characteristics

Executionwithout corps (FreeAir)
Size12" (30 cm)
Technical har-Ki 
Rated power300 W
Maximum power1300 W / Peak /
Frequency range20—220 Hz
Sensitivity95 dB
Impedance4 Om
The resonant frequency28.6 Hz
The material of the diffusercomposite
Housing materialMDF
The diameter of the WOOFER300 mm
The depth of the WOOFER135 mm